Water hiking, floating or even aqua trekking is probably the best way to discover the exceptional setting of the Grand Canyon du Verdon. No boat, no paddle, no harness, no flippers! Only vest, helmet and good gear provided to stay warm.

Supervised by a state-certified guide, you float, walk, swim and jump (optional), no need to have already practiced this kind of activity before, the Verdon is perfect for a first time!

Rafting is practiced in the Gorges, between Castellane and Point Sublime, while aquatic hiking is practiced in the Canyon du Verdon, the deepest and wildest part of the Verdon.

Beyond the sporting aspect, the discovery of the biodiversity and ecology of the Gorges is one of the major challenges of this activity. The guide will share his knowledge of the natural environment, so expect to observe and get to know life in an aquatic, aerial, rock or even geological environment, guaranteed surprises and wonder!